To be wild in Ecuador, South America

My Travel freak friends, Backpackers, I know most of your list is filled with exotic places like Europe, Cape Town, NYC, Bangkok, Bali blah blah. But have you ever thought about including this teeny-weeny Country called Ecuador? If you love crazy adventure, have fascination towards breath-taking active volcanoes, Continue reading “To be wild in Ecuador, South America”


My Quito experience……

One day I had to go early to the office. Thus, turned out that I had no company. I waved at a yellow taxi and it stopped. I generally sit at the backseat but at the sight of a lady driver at the driver’s seat I occupied the front seat. “Buenos Dias….” we wished each other. Almost 20 to 30 seconds of silence, I realised she wanted to Continue reading “My Quito experience……”