5 festivals of Northeast India to spice up your Northeast trip

Nature, fresh air, music, football, delectable food and lots of love are the things which come to mind when we think about this beautiful and unexplored paradise called North-east. Born and brought up in this lovely place, I vouch that it is an absolute icing on the cake when you get a chance to visit NE amid Continue reading “5 festivals of Northeast India to spice up your Northeast trip”

Explore the unexplored in North East India!

It is not a secret anymore that despite popular as different, lowly, favorite object for ambitious Politicians, unrest terrorism, Northeast India still stands out as one of the most admired travel destinations. Click the Continue reading “Explore the unexplored in North East India!”

Small tale of a place called North East!…..

North East and Discrimination…….

A few days back there was an article, “Stop the discrimination” published in Assam Tribune editorial section (May 05 2012). The particular line in the article, “A recent study has found the vast majority of the respondents to be abysmally ignorant or ill-informed about the region” I believe is the major reason behind the discrimination. Continue reading “Small tale of a place called North East!…..”