Welcome to my World and thanks for reading my blog.

My name is Indu Wary, Assamese by birth, Tamil by marriage and Indian by Heart. I have had the privilege to stay in all four corners of India, South, North, East and West. And by God’s grace I have traveled to more than 10 countries so far and still counting. Nothing makes me happier than travelling far far away from the materialistic World, sit quietly in a corner and write a few lines and savour each and every tranquil moment around me. I also own a basic DSLR Nikon 3200 with 55 mm lens gifted by my dear husband. Even though I am not an expert behind the lens, I love to capture each and every unforgettable moment and surroundings around me. I believe, every place I visit has a story to tell. I love sharing those unique and interesting stories with everyone. I hope you love reading my stories. Happy to have any kind of feedback from you.

When I had planned for my first Euro Trip, my first tourist VISA application was rejected. My ultra jugadu (makeshifter) Indian nature somehow managed to help me tackle the issue and I received the VISA one week prior to the scheduled trip date. Thus, I am also happy to share such kind of experiences and help with advice to avoid such unwanted incidents.

Apart from being an avid traveler, I am also a micro-observer, thinker, struggling fiction writer, dreamer and ex IT and management professional. Destiny made me an IT engineer but I chose to get an MBA, leave my stable corporate job, and take the entrepreneurial plunge and work like a donkey. However, I love my work, I love solving all types of early-stage start-up problems, menials to complex and I hope to edit this “about” section ASAP to add the success story of my venture, Asomkriti.

And by the way, I love making and telling short fictions too. Hope you like my short story sections.

My dreams before I die:

  1. Get my first VISA stamp on my passport before I become 25 (Traveled to Ecuador when I was 23)  
  2. Go for one of the deadliest Bungee jumping (Baños, Ecuador)
  3. Go for Sky diving
  4. Make atleast one blog post per day
  5. Publish articles in newspaper and online magazines  (Click here)
  6. Publish two novels
  7. Become a freelance speaker
  8. See the Northern lights
  9. Watch “Formula one race” live with husband before Hamilton retires
  10. Build my own bungalow
  11. Learn atleast one foreign language (I know Spanish ;))
  12. Beat the hydrophobia and go for the most dangerous white water rafting (Baños, Ecuador)
  13. Beat the hydrophobia and go for scuba diving
  14. Go for one of the most thrilling canyoning experiences  (Baños, Ecuador till level 3)
  15. Own one of the largest SUV cars
  16. Visit the most backward village of Africa and stay with the villagers for a month
  17. Get married to a nice and intelligent man (;)) 
  18. Become a mother of two beautiful twins
  19. Get an MBA from a premier college of India 
  20. Start my own venture irrespective of whether it is a disaster or a success  (Asomkriti)
  21. Own a book café
  22. Drive a Mercedes-Benz
  23. Climb on top of Eiffel tower  (May 2017)
  24. Build a retirement beach house and own a homestay at my in-laws town
  25. Do Yoga regularly
  26. Produce a movie
  27. Try a weird and new hairstyle before I become 30 (After b-school I cut my hair really short and got two red streaks)
  28. Travel to atleast 10 dangerous places on Earth
  29. Stay like a localite in a European village for a month
  30. Visit 30 countries before I become 45

I love listening too. You can drop me a mail at induwary@gmail.com. Happy reading and happy travelling. Love you too all. Hope to see you again 🙂