To begin with, my professional career is nothing related to this site. To give you an insight, I hail from a very small but a beautiful place, Guwahati situated in Northeast India. Destiny made me an Engineer, then was pulled by the famous IT profession. One fine day after around four years of dirtying my hands as a coder,  I said I quit and went on to get my Management degree from one of the India’s dream b-schools, IIM, Lucknow. Two years in the campus brought back my writer in me. As a kid, I remember writing short stories in Assamese and keeping them for myself embarrassed to show it to anyone. One day, I was motivated by my best friend in my engineering days to write more after she heard my teeny-weeny stories. Later after Grad school, I sent out a few articles to Assam tribune and some online publishing sites which got published to my surprise, which is also one of the factors which motivated me to write more. Before I get blown away completely by the stormy waves of mechanical corporate life, amid my hectic schedule I hereby stand by a strong resolution to bring my dormant blog to life again and keep writing.

Like any Dreamer, Philosopher, Thinker, Writer, I love travelling, watching Tarantino movies, and I am a micro observer. Oh yes! I love taking photographs too. My newly published articles boast of a few of my captures (Not very great though ;)). I used to read lots of books till 2013 which halted a bit due to my hectic schedule in b-school for two years. I am trying to get back to that habit again. In this blog, you will find my travel stories, about movies or maybe sometimes about books. Most importantly, if you are an observer, thinker, philosopher, get perplexed by certain amusing Indian societal incidents, you will definitely like the section “like seriously”. I will try to keep you posted with interesting pieces as frequently as possible. Take care.

Happy reading!


That’s me 🙂

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