Review: Big brew Year Bash, New Year 2018 party at Big Brewsky, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

With amazingly diverse culture from all over India, work hard party harder attitude, Pub culture, the most pleasant weather in entire India, paradise for music lovers, Bangalore is definitely one of the hottest cities in India to celebrate New Year Eve. 2018 New Year was our second new year in Bangalore for me and my husband after we shifted here in the end of 2016 to call this beautiful city our home. 1st Jan 2017 was a disappointing start of our New Year. We repented opting for a Camp fest in the outskirts of Bangalore, CampFest New Year 2017 organized by a travel company called, Gutsytribe. It was one of the worst campfires we ever attended. Nothing was organized properly, we had the most most horrible food ever and the count goes on. NOT recommended.

Thus, this year 2018, we were very careful and wanted to start our New Year with a bang. It was an icing on the cake when one of my best friends from undergrad decided to join us from Hyderabad. Thus, we finally decided to attend a happening New Year Bash in our city itself. We spent at least a week looking for options, including events at famous pubs, restaurants, resorts in the outskirts of Bangalore, venues with New Year packages etc. I was bit hesitant to opt for places which didn’t have much restrictions or strict conditions to discourage stag entry. After thorough research, we finally settled for Big brew year Bash, a new Year event organised by Big Brewsky, a popular micro brewery in Sarjapur Road. The price was in the higher end compared to many popular and high rated pubs of Bangalore. However, we preferred this bash to others due to many factors like, popularity of the pub and its type of crowd, the package we opted for, platinum package didn’t allow stag entry and also to some extent due to the distance. Bangalore traffic is infamous and worst during new year’s eve. And we didn’t have any intention to celebrate New year in the road, stuck in the traffic traveling to faraway place.


Ambiance: (5/5)

Big thumbs up for the ambiance. It is a very well-known microbrewery with pool side tables. It was my first visit but I could see that the increase in vibrancy and liveliness was double fold due to the celebration. With colorful lighting and super enthusiastic crowd, fish dancing in the pond along with the crowd, it was absolutely a happening and gorgeous place to spend the New Year’s Eve. Crowd was good and second floor was not over crowded. Ground floor near the pond which was accessible to all the packages was bit overcrowded. Overall it was great ambiance.

The Food and drinks (3.5/5):

One of our friends was a vegetarian and she had a tough time. Not many options for vegans. Non-veg starters were average not very great. (2/5 for food). I passed out a bit and didn’t eat any main course but my friends’ main course food feedback was not very great.

Drinks were wonderful. I got a bit carried away and mixed and matched drinks. Tried Long Island Iced Tea, Black Label and two craft Beers, Porter and Belgian Wit. Not many places are good at making LIIT and Big Brewsky nailed it. The place is famous for its craft Beers after the ambiance. They are must try (5/5 for drinks).


Thus overall food and drinks would be 3.5/5 for me.

Service (3/5)

I have never visited the place before. Thus, I am technically not certified to comment in general about its service. But during the New Year Bash it was a bit disappointment. I felt the Staff should be more trained to be organized. It was difficult to get seats but not impossible. Especially, in the second floor which was less crowded due to limited accessibility. With lots of space and many vacant chairs they could have managed for more tables and chairs and reduced the standing crowd in that particular floor. On multiple requests, one kind attendant managed four chairs for us and a tiny table. I was also not very satisfied with the frequency at which the starters were served. It was very little provided we paid a mountain for the same. Staff was soft spoken and ready to listen despite the chaos and humongous crowd. However, I felt they could have been more trained to manage a huge crowd.

Overall I would rate 3.5/5. Recommended. Happy New Year to everyone.

More pictures of us having fun 🙂

P.S: I apologize for the bad quality pictures. All taken with Oneplus 3t with moderate lighting. Also, I was more in a party mood than photography mood




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