2017! You were challenging yet funny

After discordant irksome never ending music, a tiny disinterested female voice greeted from the other side. I started narrating my recent ordeal and the continuous torment I go through while dealing with their logistics company for my eCommerce start-up. Her voice changed from disinterested to apologetic to timid all at fairly great pace. After a while, I was transferred to whom I believe to be her senior manager. After getting treated like a football for quite a long time, I decided to stop wasting my time. I abruptly cut the call after giving my standard assertive warning to lodge a complaint with consumer forum against them. Next in the check list was “to attend to a few non-delivery and customer returns’ reports”. Evening was blocked for a hand-loom manufacturers and retailers meet up cum exhibition cum networking in town. In the meanwhile, I had to add six more items to the to-do list, review the SEO article written by a friend, review few illustrations sent by my freelance designer, make a list of requirement/feedback to give to the weavers and vendors, call and pitch in to the new set of sellers, and review the website and suddenly I feel like I am blacked out. I realize it’s time for another cup of strong coffee. This pretty much sums up my memorable 2017.

2017, Mid-April was definitely one of the biggest milestones of my life. I could finally launch my hand-loom and handicraft eCommerce portal, Asomkriti. In short, I could tick off one of my very important dreams before I die. Start my own venture irrespective of whether it is a disaster or a success download. I decided to leave my stable high paying corporate job to finally take the entrepreneurial plunge. People say, ‘Entrepreneurship is hard’. I say, ‘Entrepreneurship is a bittersweet experience, an addiction with an unpredictable consequences’. I feel accomplished when I receive a random call asking me to explain more about Assamese attire and hand-loom products. Accomplishment double folds if she/he is converted and praises the dress and the culture. I feel ecstatic when my sales target exceeds even before the month end. At the same time I feel demotivated when my close ones taunt me, ‘why did you study so much if you wanted to sell a sari!’ I become speechless and expressionless when some other set of close relatives accidentally see my old corporate pay-slip and start lecturing on opportunity cost. Nevertheless, next morning I wake up again and start working with the same zeal and passion. My salary has been almost zero per month for more than a year now. I came to terms with the fact that no one can be 100% independent, financially or mentally. I changed from an arrogant, egoistic super-independent girl to be a dependent wife both financially and emotionally. With love and support of my understanding husband, I started to be more patient and hard working. I have come to the terms that success and failure do not have a set formula. I can do my best, make optimum utilization of my resources and nothing else. Whether I would be a successful or unsuccessful entrepreneur, I will have to wait and see but giving up easily is not an option.

Amid hardships and struggles, fate still decided to remain caring and tender towards me. I could keep some of my passions alive in me. While I literally struggled with time to maintain my writing passion, my passion to see the World remain intact this year too. My dream of Europe trip finally came to life in May, 2017. I could travel to five new countries in this year including a small trips in my own beautiful country.

2017 also made me realise, how mechanical and social media dependent we have become. Thus, I put in some effort to re-unite and keep in touch with long lost friends without really depending on social media. Overall, as always I had a good year and looking forward to super fantastic year ahead.

I hope for a better and more successful year ahead for everyone too. I am four days late but never too late to wish one and everyone a very happy new year 2018. Stay blessed.

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