Imagine girls in “no pants” in Indian streets…………. Like what?

I am kind of saturated of endless and meaningless debate on westernized Indian culture, self-proclaimed moral police, mini skirt, bad boys, #notallmen blah blah which is so hot these days. Thanks to recent horrendous mass molestation incident(s?) in Bangalore which almost subdued the endless debate on other hot topics like demonetization, coolest way of Mahendra Singh Dhoni stepping down as Indian Cricket Team Captain or controversy of bad food for BSF Jawans.

Anyways, even though I always tend to jump on my opponent with countless counter points and I am a known hardcore feminist, I take a deep breath, let my violence in me rest in peace for a while and let us have some fun in here 😉 A rather amusing article caught my attention today morning when I was browsing through some of my news apps. “No Pants subway day” was recently organized by Improve everywhere group which garnered a humongous footfall in various places over the Globe including New York, Berlin, London and Prague.

I had never heard about this particular event before and like other unconventional “Days” celebrated in Western Countries, e.g. Halloween to name one, I got pretty curious on hearing about this event too. My curiosity led to amazing and rational reasons behind this event which made me smile.

Even though it was started in broad-minded Western society, during its initial launch, it faced a few minor legal issues but subsequently it came a long way since its inception in 2002. Currently, it boasts of quiet a dozen of followers. Simple reason behind this is, “it makes people laugh and reminds people not to take life too seriously”. Until and unless there is no nudity or porn in front of me (only in public off course ;)) which might make me faint and is making people laugh and smile I am happy about it.

I started imagining the chaos it would create if by chance at least during my great grandchildren’s generation it happens to take place in my country. Imagine you call 100 to report burglary in your house and Inspector Ramteke tells you, you are in waiting list as police station is houseful with “No pants day” criminals and numerous mass molesters! And you find number of startups of Moral Police activists growing in infinite numbers in the streets of Bangalore and Mumbai.

My point is not to defend the western culture which is another debate topic altogether. I do admire a few things about western culture and wish they were a part of our culture. Mix and match of here and there would have made this planet Earth such an ideal place to live in. I am a well-traveled person and have experience of living in various cities and really don’t understand the logic of Delhi-Mumbai comparison or Western and Eastern culture comparison to get away with things, instead of acknowledging the real problem. These incidents like mass molestation tend to create a huge disturbance inside me and always ensure to stamp an important thing in my mind. Whichever city or village I grow my children up, I will make sure my children learn to respect people from both sex equally. Also, I will never shy away from educating my Children with sex education which is considered an alien topic in India.

Oh by the way, coming back to “No pants day”, I know, we Indians would never be honored with live shows of such funny and sexy scenes in our local trains, residential streets or Metros. And thus, even if I might sound bit cheesy, I actually tried stalking some pictures of the event by browsing #nopantssubwayride in Instagram. And here with promise from you, not to ogle at them, I thought I would share a few of my favorites which I felt were hilarious, elegant and well photographed. Check it out!

Men and Women in black!

Image Source

Corporate nerd forever

Image source

I am shivering seeing this bunch of cheery people in the snow

Image source

Happy friends forever

Image source

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