My favorite weekend getaways – part I

……In the hope of creating part II with additional list…..!

Lazing around in perfect peace in a mesmerizing ambiance with your “happy hormones” completely boosted. The best thing about these kind of places are that they simply create a perfect environment which forces you to switch off your work phone, no meeting updates, no escalation mails and no deadline notifications!

I love to call these places, “the perfect Weekend getaways”.

I admit, these places do jolt my philosopher in me and my writer in me gets too petrified that my dreams and aspirations for my passion will stay abrupt and limited to creation of formulated boring documents for my clients! I just need to add two sips of nice Whiskey to trigger those feelings

I have handpicked a few of them from the places I visited. Check it out for yourself.


You know what, I am gonna book two train tickets to Mcleodganj right now! Thanks to one of the big fights with my boyfriend (Unfortunately, I am married to him now!) during my b-school days which made us travel to this beautiful place.

It was a long yet beautiful train journey from Lucknow to New Delhi and then from Delhi to Pathankot. By the time we reached Pathankot, it didn’t seem to be a fascinating journey anymore as we were further required to traverse across valleys for 4-5 hours more by a bus to finally reach Mcleodganj.

Positioned in the Suburb of Dharamsala in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh, Mcleodganj seemed more like home for Tibetans than Indians! Amazing fresh air welcomed us. We were rejuvenated all over again as soon as our tired feet touched the ground of this small town.

I still remember those addictive misty drizzle, those Beautiful picturesque view from our hotel room which forced us to be glued to the balcony for a really long time, sipping cups of hot Tea.

Our Hotel was at stone’s throw distance from the main market of Mcleodganj. Evening was a stroll to lively market which boasts of cool tourists, lively Spirit of the locales and numerous must visit Restaurants with authentic local delicacies.

You can also add a day to your visit to not miss the beautiful sight seeing places like, Bhagsu Waterfall, Bhagsunath Temple, Monasteries, Tibetan museum and many more. If you love yoga and meditation, you should definitely stop by Dharamsala, around 10 kilometers from Mcleodganj, on the way to Pathankot.

Escape to Tals [Nainital.Bhimtal.Naukuchiatal]

This was one crazy trip with my super crazy group of friends during my b-school. We had a long weekend in the kitty but had absolute zero knowledge about the place we wanted to head to for our vacation. Finally, just a few hours we boarded the rented vehicle, we came to know that we are heading to Naini hills, which by default is to Nainital.


Not very surprisingly, considering it was one of the tightest and one of the most optimistic plans ever with around 9 people, with no accommodation booked, Murphy decided to play around with us a bit! It started pouring heavily. Our Mini Van was stopped in the Gate of Nainital as if we were a group of terrorist entering to plant a bomb in the city! Unfortunately, only 2 of us were good in Hindi to go and hunt for hotels amidst cats and dogs rain. Another 2 accompanied our fateful luck due to Hindi knowledge to get drenched in the Rain and hunt for Hotels. We never felt such strenuous struggle before even when we wrote CAT and struggled to get into a good b-school! Like someone great had said, All’s well that ends well, we ended up in a beautiful resort, Van Vilas Resort in Bhimtal, around 20 km from Nainital.

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Our evening ended with a nice dinner and party in the Resort. Next day we went out for some mandatory sightseeing visit to Nainital, Apple garden of Raniket, Naukuchiatal, Frog point etc.

I don’t mind sneaking away to this place again. But this time I would prefer to be with my husband, having some private time, miles away from a busy schedule and potato couching in an amazing Lakeview resort and sipping some authentic Lush and intense red wine during one fine foggy Winter morning.


We were tiny little engineering kids (people thought so!) when we successfully fulfilled this one of the most amazing trips during graduation after almost 4 long years of planning. It was like a dream come true for around 20 small little final year engineering girls. I still get a bright little smile on my face thinking about that amazing trip. We had to literally take into account numerous factors when we planned that whole girls’ trip. Cost was to be controlled as most of us can’t afford to ask extra money from our Parents apart from our expense and most importantly we were all girls travelling to a place like Goa. Every one of us was so content with the trip that we still have Goanian hangover (I coined the term “Goanian” as I was not very comfortable with the term “Goan”)

It turned out to be the most amazing trip of our graduation time with a very minimal cost.

Our journey started from Mangalore station almost every one of us wearing our college t-shirt and showing off. We had a daughter of IISC Professor amongst us who managed a cheap but very well maintained youth Hostel near the Dona Paula Beach. I still remember the delicious Parantha of that hostel.

We did a lot of activities ranging from, ferry ride, water sports to shopping in Anjuna Flea Market. It’s been 7 years from now since I visited Goa and I don’t remember the names of some amazing places to grab sea food. Goa is a heaven for Sea food lovers. We also managed to strike some poses in front of some old churches in South Goa and hit off the scene of Dil Chahta hai in Aguada Fort.

Go rent a bike and visit some unconventional places in old Goa, drink the cheapest drinks with almost zero tax in some cool Shacks in hot beaches and party hard while losing a few thousand bucks in some Casino.


Some of my friends in Mumbai whom I met during my first Job, claimed that they missed me during my onsite deputation to Ecuador and wanted to have a bang on weekend to get over that missing part. Four of us without much plan travelled to gateway of India to catch a Ferry to reach Alibaug. And that ferry ride was the best part of the trip. If you plan to visit Alibaug never take the road or else you will miss half the fun. It is a complete treat to experience the sparkling and crystal clear water of the mightly Arabian sea. We spent a day playing around the beaches, Alibaug Fort, having some nice food and posing for cameras. We headed back to Mumbai in the evening.

Alibaug is easily one of the favorite Weekend gateways of Mumbaikars. It is an attractive costal town situated in the Raigad district of the Konkan region in the state of Maharashtra. It boasts of beautiful resorts if you plan to spend a lazy and cool evening in this beautiful coastal town. Apparently, many B-town celebrities love to own luxurious farm house in this town to sneak away  from the glittery World for a while, making this place all the more attractive for the tourists.

Lonavala and Khandala

Another favorite getaway of Mumbaikars is Lonavla and Khandala. Rainy season is the best time to visit this twin hill. I felt that the best part of the trip we had was the car drive of around 110 kms from Mumbai to Lonavala through well maintained Mumbai-Bangalore highway.

Pic source: Internet

Some of the highlight of the trip was charming sight-seeing, hot cup of ginger tea, relaxation in an exotic resort and trying out varieties of chikkis.


It was one the most annoying trip yet one of the best trips I had during my engineering days. I had never cared about the phrase “sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bight” till this horrible experience of mine during this trip. This trip was with my department friends, around 20 of us. We were 5 girls sleeping in one room and I bagged the corner most part of the bed. After tiring bus journey of around 8 hours, I so wanted to sleep but the beautiful bed bugs on my bed wouldn’t let me sleep even for a second.

Next day beautiful sightseeing, boating and hanging out with my friends to some exotic jungle made my sleep run away to some far away land.

I want to go back to that beautiful serene place someday to have lone time.


It was like a paid honeymoon of 1 and half months in Trivandrum during TCS training period when I joined TCS in Dec 2009. I made some amazing friends and every Weekend was well spent.  We were frequent visitors of amazing beaches of Trivandrum esp. Kovalam and Varkala apart from hogging Paranthas from some of the famous North Indian Parantha corners located near Technopark. We even managed to give one round of visit to Munnar during our stay in Trivandrum.

Boat house Allepey is very near to Trivandrum if you are interested to visit that.


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