Modern Assamese girls are the culprit of deteriorating Assamese culture! Like seriously!!

A few days back in around mid August there was a certain News by Pratidin time. Instead of doing their normal job of providing News to the Mass it went a step ahead and acted like an “experienced and intelligent consultant” on ethical dressing. Have a look at the video:

Click this for the video with subtitles

Irony is Pratidin Time was displaying unethical behavior not the girls in the video!

This News channel named, Pratidin Time tried to act very smart ridiculously trying to pose themselves as “ethical dressing consultant!”

Talented News writer, the over enthusiastic dramatic News reader and the talented video editor are the ones who deserve all our praise. The News writer definitely knows how to make it spicy by giving extremely dramatic start and alerting very conveniently, “After watching our news, some of your body might burn!” I definitely can’t afford to have a biased opinion that this “some” would comprise of majority or neither do I get the point to do any primary research on this to get the Data right. Anyways that is not my intention. Three very important things in the News which caught my attention are:

  1. It seemed like, with this utter piece of nonsense Pratidin Times was trying hard to either give some “intelligent” analysis on “deteriorating Assamese culture” or desperately trying out some publicity stunt. Former definitely looks not very convincing in here. Let’s have a look on this how:

I could see this gentleman in the video giving interview, stating, “Rich Assamese culture is going down because of this type of indecent dressing!” I have one question for him. Do you even know who that girl in mini skirt is? She might be somebody who is modern fashionable girl, goes to a pub wearing a mini skirt. But at the same time she might be a one who still knows how to respect elders; she might be the one who loves to dress in Muga silk during Bihu. She might be the one who is so that typical Assamese at heart, hospitable in nature and loves to hum Bhupen Da’s songs. Never mind, as I said I am not here to defend anybody. My point is, so you think you know so much about Assamese culture. Do you even know what does “Bhortal” and “Ojapali” mean. Dude! Majuli, the pride of Assam is in no good state. That is a heritage which doesn’t get enough attention. Do you have any idea what is the state of Handloom industry of Assam? Don’t you think that we lack those people now who actually preach Borgeet and Luko Geet? When I was a kid we used to enjoy young merry crowd going around the neighborhood and performing Bihu Husoris. But I have a strong feeling, 10 years down the line this would become like a fairy tale to my children. I hope, at least they get acquainted with the so called commercialized staged Bihu functions! Our only hope, “Assamese Cinema” and “Theatre Industry” which try so hard to depict and keep alive our culture are also struggling. They lack help and support from both the Government and the public. If I have to say more it is endless and countless. But still I am sure that whatever it is, it would be more important than concentrating on meagre topic like “dressing in shorts during summer!”

There is a huge difference in dressing fashionably and dressing vulgar. I didn’t see a single indecent girl in your beautifully edited video, which you tried hard to depict as if they were bikini clad. So what if we start dressing fashionably. That doesn’t mean we stopped loving our Mekhela Chadar. So what if we accidently tasted some Mexican yummy cuisine. That doesn’t mean we stopped loving our favourite “Masor tenga”.

  1. In the process it completely forgot about Article no #5 “Right to liberty”

Dude! We live in India. Our Country is democratic and we have a beautiful article, Article no 5: Right to liberty. I accept there are certain exceptions and limitations in all our articles, especially, when they cause negative impact to the society. Maybe you are true here, when you said “negative impact” to the society. You have mentioned that the guys in the street become lustful, deteriorates the Assamese culture and what not. But, how could you convince me that those lustful men will not watch a beautiful girl decked in mekhela chadar, covered from head to toe? I believe it is all about the mentality. Good people with good mentality would never give lustful looks whatsoever. Most importantly you are not my mom or pop to consult me on my dressings!

  1. It was nothing but a nuisance which served like a slur and insult to the entire women community.

In my opinion those so called indecent dressed ladies in the video were actually looking very fashionable, way far from being vulgar. I believe they have all the right to sue Pratidin Times for randomly peeping into their privacy, making video of them focusing on rather unnecessary places, trying hard to make them look indecent by putting extra effort in editing the videos.

I request all the ladies unknowingly featured in the video to sue this channel which peeped into your private lives, took videos without permission (Which is actually not allowed) and most importantly presented you in a wrong manner which definitely might have caused unnecessary ramification to your image. I urge all the ladies out there to come out and raise your voice against this. It is not fair that we are accused of being wrongly dressed when we get rapped. It is not fair at all that we try to get fashionable and comfortable and are accused of “deteriorating our culture!”

But I accept I came to know about some random News channel of Assam called Pratidin Time after this!

2 thoughts on “Modern Assamese girls are the culprit of deteriorating Assamese culture! Like seriously!!

  1. Bang on!
    Moral Policing and Angel Guardian’s of culture have suddenly cropped up like weed in India. While the creators of the videos are certainly to be condemned, this sadly, does not surprise me.
    We live in a country where Cultural Veterans decide what a woman should wear in order to protect their culture. We have seen this happen, so we do not take notice of this, but consider the progeny who would most likely derive the conclusion that the cultural strength quotient of a place is inversely proportional to the length of a woman’s skirt.

    That being said, we are the same people who consider going to the US as our life’s achievement. There, suddenly the length of the skirt stops mattering, and they are able to see “through” the hems and recognize the true “culture” in the women. Suddenly its about independence and about bragging how well behaved the people are.
    By this logic, US or any country for that matter which does not judge the cultural quotient of a place by the opacity of clothes, should be the least civilized, and either of us dying to go there, settle there must be equivalent to sedition. But, realizing this is not convenient….

    I could go on, but I stop for the fear of the comment exceeding the article’s length.

    Keep Writing…

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