Sab Moh maya hai mere dost :)

Our Organizational Behavior Professor who is in fact more desirable than any one of the most eligible Bachelors in the entire Nation (Don’t want to exaggerate by using the term entire Universe!) was one day with his usual galore of enthusiasm was explaining about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. It was then my cerebrum came into action and reminded me that once upon a time one daughter with partial westernized mentality fought with a typical Indian Father to let her live 2 more years of spinster’s life in order to have a live-in relationship with an amazing magical term called “MBA” and get stamped for life! Though I didn’t have any clue about different “types” of motivation during that span of time, I was quite sure about “the kind” of motivation I had. But alas! Now when I am aware of the perfect definition, I am afraid whether I even have the so called motivation, forget about the adjective part, be it “intrinsic” or “extrinsic”.

A Finance geek in todays’ ppt. had asked us a very simple question, “Do you guys know what the latest news of Deccan Herald is?” Well! As simple as it sounded the real complexity lies within. I am sure the small World inside the campus is not even aware what is going on in Sitapur or Lucknow City, forget about the entire World outside. A movie freak like me doesn’t have any idea which movie at present is in hot race to beat the record of IMDB rating of Shawshank Redemption or The Godfather. Feel very helpless sometimes when I have to just stare at the new arrivals of books @ Flipkart for a few seconds and then forcefully close the tab. One day who could surpass the gate of an unreachable place like IIM, Lucknow by talking non-stop about Narendra Modi, P Chidambaram, Rahul Gandhi, Indian Politics et al for more than half an hr was almost blank in a “mock” GD with the topic “communism vs democracy!” …And the count goes on and on.

The story doesn’t end here. When I used to donate my old cloths or help my innocent faced maid in Mumbai I didn’t know the concept of “curriculum vitae” points! It might sound very rude but some days back when I had a golden opportunity to visit an orphanage for the first time in my life I couldn’t help wondering how many of us are genuinely here and how many for so called “ ” point! But then somebody had said very smartly, “This phase too shall pass!” This line sounds way too cynical to me. But I wonder, for how many days it is going to dominate some crazy freaks who have this crazy tendency to break all rules in every sphere of life. Moral of the story is, day before yesterday challenging the existing devil in the system I switched off my phone to complete silent mode and had 10 fucking hrs of eternal blissful slumber! I also beg to state that I didn’t waste 1 and half hr of my precious time to contribute to my dear dormant blog after ages. After all, सब मोह माया है मेरे दोस्त!!!


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