Bade miyan, a live example…Simple living high thinking :)

Hardly I used to believe in simple living high thinking coz it contradicts my favourite quote, “Live life king size” 🙂 till I had an warm encounter with a unique place yesterday. Simple living high thinking was the funda used by this place subtly. More famous than a place like Leopold cafe in colaba, South Mumbai.
….Bhayya aapko Leopold cafe pata hai?
….Leopole cafe kaha hai…
….Bade Miyan pata hai..uske pa…
Oh Bade Miyan…Pata hai na…Taj ke piche…Beith jao aap log 🙂

The most famous street food joint in Mumbai. Street food by which even the high class society is tempted. If you are lucky you might have a warm encounter even with some famous filmstars. No place in the street to stand and eat. No parking place. But still lined up with many classy vehicles and the owners eating inside the car outside the car wherever possible. Suddenly saw a hoarding…We have opened a restaurant.Felt relieved and crossed the road and entered the restaurant. Long queue even there. No hope for another half an hour. First impression of the restaurant….ewww yeh toh roadside dhaba se bhi jyada gaya gujra hai! Then finally after some half an hour of wait came our golden chance to dine in this golden place 🙂 Hardly maintained rooms almost 4 of them. Discolored cheap plastic chairs and some unused old iron and steel tables. Cheap looking menu card only the first page filled. Was completely blank what to order. Finally…chicken kabab, chicken bhuna and rumali rotis were ordered. After some 5 minutes wait…Chicken kabab khatam ho gaya madam…Tandoori chicken laaya hu..what should I say…he didn’t even bother to come for the second time to take our opinion what we want as replacement. Maybe didn’t want to waste his precious time for the same! Then finally….wow! kya tandoori….Tasted such kind of tandoor chicken which tasted like an original tandoor chicken for the first time in my life! Rumali roti was served like a used napkin 🙂 But it was like an ambrosia with awesome chicken bhuna. Second round of tandoor was ordered. Suddenly I exclaimed…”Yaar kitna accha business chal raha hai Acche se bada sada restaurant kyu nahi khol lete!”…A friend of mine…”yeh theile me shuru hua tha…abhi aise karenge toh bade logo keliye toh koi problem nahi…chote log kaise dare karenge aaneko”….I was thinking…hmmm eat rich, eat poor!!..One should never forget his roots!
Dear friends…Bade Miyan…The most famous must visit street food joint in Mumbai for non vegeterians. It is in Colaba, South Mumbai behind the Taj. I bet even if a taxi wala has no idea about Taj he definitely knows about bade Miyan. One more important thing to remember while you visit this place, please don’t forget to carry enough cash(even if very less will do) since they don’t accept debit or credit cards. Enough cash since you will crave for more after your first order. Happy eating 🙂


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